What is Houston’s Voice? I have content. How can I submit it?
What is Project Open Voice? I have a channel. How can we work together?
When will it launch? How can Houston’s Voice help me gain exposure?
When will the VOD platform launch? My organization needs a production partner. Can Houston’s Voice help?
Who can have a Houston’s Voice channel? Does Houston’s Voice pay for content?

What is Houston’s Voice?

Houston’s Voice is an online and video-on-demand initiative dedicated to making content created by Houstonians, for Houstonians, and about Houston, easier to discover. By connecting individuals to local content — public, educational and governmental media and to each other — Houston’s Voice seeks to support a strong sense of community by building ties between citizens of all types. Houston’s Voice is a part of Project Open Voice. Learn more about Houston’s Voice here.

Beta Release Feedback

Houston’s Voice is an exciting opportunity for Houston. Never before has there been an online platform to broadly hare the fine work of Houstonians and those who call Houston home. Houston’s Voice is in its Beta release, however  With any Beta, there will be a few kinks and bugs to fix as well as new features to add as the website evolves. We hope you will be an active part of the development—this is your voice, Houston. During these early stages, please take time to experience the website and give us your thoughts. While we will not be able to address every comment, our commitment to you is to quickly research and resolve the matter as soon as we can. Thank you for making Houston great and letting everyone know about it through Houston’s Voice!

What is Project Open Voice?

Project Open Voice is a Comcast initiative designed to strengthen local content, including Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) programming by making it more readily available both online and OnDemand as a complement to existing outlets. Comcast is currently testing this project in five other markets across the country. Learn more about Project Open Voice at http://www.projectopenvoice.com.

When will the site launch?

The public beta launch is scheduled for January 2012.

When will the video-on-demand platform launch?

The VOD folder, Project Open Voice, launched in October 2011 and is available through the Get Local folder within the Comcast digital cable system.

Who can have a Houston’s Voice channel?

Local content creators that showcase the real people, organizations, communities and events that make Houston a great place to live, work and play are welcome. Whether you are a public, educational or governmental content provider, local organization or an independent producer, we’d love to hear from you. We accept any and all formats ranging from short vignettes to local news stories, full length shows, interviews and more.

I already have content that would be perfect for Houston’s Voice. How can I submit it?

To include your programming, you must first become an approved Content Partner. To become an approved Content Partner, please complete our application.

I already have my own programming channel. How can we work together?

Houston’s Voice seeks to complement both new and existing content channels by providing a targeted distribution platform that helps talented producers connect with a broader Houston audience. As an approved Content Partner, you may use Houston’s Voice to either draw people to your own site or create a completely new outlet for your content.

How can Houston’s Voice help me gain exposure?

As a robust online and OnDemand platform, Houston’s Voice provides tools and marketing support to help audience members find, interact with and share your content. Online, you may use Houston’s Voice to drive traffic to your own platform or simply use the site as a new outlet for your content.

I am an organization with a great story to tell, but I need a production partner?  How can Houston’s Voice help?

Use Houston’s Voice to find and connect with local producers that can help showcase your project, story, cause or idea. Whether you’re looking to create a new PSA for your nonprofit or to profile an up-and-coming local artist, there are local organizations, ready to provide expertise and services. If you need a production partner or if you are a producer who can donate your talent to help a nonprofit organization tell its story, please let us know.

Does Houston’s Voice pay for content?

Houston’s Voice does not pay for content uploaded to the site. Approved Content Partners may use the site and marketing resources free of charge and may direct those who consume their content to locations of their choosing.