Local Hip Hop Prodigy “DoubleDve” Marks his Talent at SXSW

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"Endeavor" by DoubleDve short film makes an appearance at the SXSW big screen

Gilbert Sosa Productions
Hidden Valley
March 21, 2016
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DoubleDve is the truth. He is a Hip Hop prodigy. He is the revolution, not televised, but live and in person. A Sudanese refugee coming straight out of the Gulfton neighborhoods in Houston, Texas, he carries on his city’s tradition of DJ Screw’s “build-your-own-sound” beatmaking, Bun B’s trill lyrical dexterity, and Scarface’s raw, emotional storytelling. A self-proclaimed graduate of YouTube University, Double has taught himself FL Studio, Cubase, and Adobe Audition, Photoshop, and Premiere. And the young man has personally financed all of his independent rap career by selling shoes at the Vans in The Galleria. Since the sixth grade, DoubleDve has been rewriting history with his pen, all while holding a GPA that earned him automatic admission at every major public university in the state of Texas. All this to say that this Renaissance artist has an undeniable grind and unparalleled mind. (Kevin Hritz)

In the falls of 2014 and 2015, DoubleDve released back to back mixtapes Sporadic and ILLdefined, accompanied by five music videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. “Clueless,” “My Way,” and “Omit” boast intricate battle-ready rhymes reminiscent of Big L, Eminem, and Big Daddy Kane. “Mobbin’” knocks at a deceptively laid back, ride slow Houston pace, while repeating a chant down chorus of the 1% and luxury rap that has forgotten its history in creative protest. “Ride with a Villain” raises fists with the Black Lives Matter movement as DoubleDve decries racial profiling and police brutality with frenetic, multisyllabic verses that could march along with songs by Kendrick Lamar and Run the Jewels. Double has performed for a total audience over 1,700 in Houston, highlighted by events like the Teach For America Summer Institute in July 2013 and TEDxYouth Houston in November 2013. Charged up to make a change, DoubleDve recognizes that the radio isn’t playing the revolutionary rap that has spoken truth to power. And he has made it his mission to write and fight to get the mic back so that he can speak for his people. (Kevin Hritz)

Recently, he teamed up with Bellaire’s Episcopal High School senior Gilbert Sosa’s to create a short film, “Endeavor,” which achieved selection for Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in the Texas High School Shorts category. “Endeavor” made its debut last semester in ETV Episode 1. Sosa and ETV faculty sponsor Pejman Milani entered the short in SXSW, and Sosa says that when he heard his work had been selected for this prestigious national festival, he was thrilled. “This is such a huge honor,” says Sosa.  “It gives me the adrenaline to start making another film that could leave a legacy for my last year in the ETV program. I am excited to deliver my next piece for Episode 2 at the EHS Studio Movie Grill in May.”

SXSW featured the film on March 12 in Austin. Teacher Milani, who worked closely with Sosa on production, says, “I am very proud and happy for Gilbert to get this tremendous opportunity to gain attention for both his own efforts as well as showcasing his friend Daniel Vango’s amazing musical and lyrical talents.  I know this is just the beginning of a long line of achievements that Gilbert has the potential to accomplish in his future.”

Gilbert and Daniel (DoubleDve) plan to another collaboration before graduation arrives this upcoming June.


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