Cake Walk to the White House – The Black Hole Report ! with Seymore Foxhole

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Seymore Foxhole -Social Comedy Commentator for PITV

LOVE Cafe with Scott Cluthe – Houston Edition, PITV -Scott Cluthe and The Black Hole Report with Seymore Foxhole
November 25, 2015
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Scott Cluthe’s PITV Presents Seymore Foxhole, Social Comedy Commentator for The Black Hole Report ! : Cake Walk to the White House

Seymore Always Tells it Like It Is, especially his Like It Is !

Laugh, cry, kvetch with Seymore Foxhole and The Black Hole Report ! Return weekly for All New Black Hole Reports. Seymore is always surveying the horizon looking for the positively incorrect events of the day.Occasionally, even a blind squirrel finds his nuts.

As an illustrious figure, (hand drawn figure that is), of the distant past once said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

Seymore resembles that remark. Foxhole understands that he’s got a severe case of weak seo, so he is placing want ads for ghost writers so he can tell his story. It’s a part time gig and most of the good ones are dead so he’s got nothin’.

Still the struggle against struggling continues, and with the ridiculous riches that pore forth from the gamma ray device in his hole he can extract enough factual evidence of insanity that he could feed a fish frenzy. Societal evolutionary change doesn’t take orders as it turns out.  Texting while cogitating is tricky, but if Seymore Foxhole didn’t do it then who would you trust ?

Connect with Seymore (Scott Cluthe) at:, on Twitter, and on FaceBook at Scott Cluthe’s Positively Incorrect ! TV and Radio.

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