How did the Texans fare in this year’s NFL Draft?

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Team selects Cornerback Kevin Johnson in the first round

Houston Spotlight
South Main
May 5, 2015

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The Texans selected Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson as their first round pick in the NFL Draft and the 16th pick overall. Here are some thoughts on the role he’ll play in Bill O’Brien’s offense.

What Kevin Johnson Brings To The Texans

An in-Depth Look at the Houston Texans’ Most Intriguing Selection, Kevin Johnson

Deepi Sidhu, co-host of Texans Late Night, sat down with Johnson and asked about what type of player he is, how he’ll learn from current players, along with a fun question about his footwear.

Johnson has been praised for his athleticism, his meticulous study of the game, and his quick-twitch ability to shift directions and alter routes.

The Texans also selected six additional players in the draft:

2nd Round: Bernardrick McKinney, Offensive Linebacker, Mississippi State

3rd Round: Jaelen Strong, Wide Receiver, Arizona State

4th Round: No Pick (trade to Cleveland Browns for 2015 2nd round pick)

5th Round: Keith Mumphrey, Wide Receiver, Michigan State

6th Round: Reshard Cliett, Linebacker, South Florida

6th Round: Christian Covington, Defensive Tackle, Rice

7th Round: Kenny Hilliard, Runningback, Louisiana State

For the most part, pundits gave the Texans high marks for picking Johnson McKinney, and Strong, but their picks in rounds 5 through 7 were not as highly rated.

Additionally, the Texans have picked up several free agents, bringing the crop of new players to twenty eight so far. Battle Red Blog has a list of the Texans-signed free agents. The first preseason game of the year is at home against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, August 15th.

Here are the teams the Texans will be facing this year in the regular season.

1. Kansas City Chiefs, 9/13 (Home)

2. Carolina Panthers – 9/20

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 9/27 (Home)

4. Atlanta Falcons – 10/4

5. Indianapolis Colts – 10/8 (Home)

6. Jacksonville Jaguars – 10/18

7. Miami Dolphins – 10/25

8. Tennessee Titans – 11/1 (Home)

9. Cincinnati Bengals – 11/16

10. New York Jets – 11/22 (Home)

11. New Orleans Saints – 11/29 (Home)

12. Buffalo Bills – 12/06

13. New England Patriots – 12/13 (Home)

14. Indianapolis Colts – 12/20

15. Tennessee Titans – 12/27

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – 1/3 (Home)

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